Welcome to St. Mary of the Assumption Parish! As a parish we would like to invite you to become involved at St. Mary's. We have put together the following information in order that you might have a better understanding of some of the things the parish has to offer. More information about any of the groups or organizations at St. Mary may be obtained from the parish office by calling 635-4188. Again. Welcome! We look forward to seeing you at Mass, and parish celebrations. We also look forward to working with you as we strive to make The Parish of St. Mary's the best that it can be!









Parish Council
Parish Council is made up of 12 members from the parish. Parishioners may either be nominated or nominate themselves for council. A subcommittee of the existing council selects from the nominations three new members each year and recommends these to the pastor for his approval.

The purpose of Parish Council is to establish goals and objectives for the parish and to oversee their accomplishment. It acts as a consultative body to the pastor and other committees within the parish. Council also serves as a forum for constructive dialogue within the parish community. Council is called to be aware of the needs of the Universal Church and the Diocesan Church.

Parish Education Committee (PEC)
PEC is made up of 12 members from the parish. Members are solicited from within the parish, interviewed by the committee, and recommended to the pastor. Three new members are selected each year.

PEC acts as an advisory group to the pastor, parish council, the D.R.E. and the school principal. PEC sets policy and oversees the administration of educational programs in the parish.

Finance Committee
The Parish Finance Committee is composed of 5 to 7 members, appointed by the pastor.
Each member has a three-year term, renewable once.

The diocese has published guidelines for parish finance committees that are followed. The committee, in conjunction with the pastor and the parish financial administrator, prepares the budget, reviews quarterly reports and advises the pastor on parish financial matters. In making decision for financial allocations, the finance committee listens to the parish council.


Worship Committee
The Worship Committee is a group of volunteers who plan and coordinate weekend and special liturgies. This committee also oversees the environment and decorations in the church building and chapel.

Lectors are volunteers who proclaim the Word of God at the Eucharist and other celebrations.

Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers are volunteers who distribute Communion at Mass and/or take Communion to individuals unable to attend Mass.

Ushers/ministers of Hospitality
Ushers are volunteers who welcome the parishioners at weekend liturgies, take up the collection, and help all the participants to find seating.

The liturgical musicians are volunteers who aid the parish in our liturgies through singing and playing musical instruments. St. Mary's has a choir and two contemporary ensembles.

Servers are volunteer children who assist the presider at Mass.

Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)
Volunteers conduct a liturgy of the Word for children during the Sunday 9:30 a.m. and ll:00 a.m. Masses. CLOW is conducted in the church undercroft. The children are dismissed from Mass before the scripture readings; they return during the preparation of the gifts. Scripture readings are from the Children's Lectionary, along with hymns and comments on the meaning of the readings for the children. CLOW is for children of grade school age.


Parent Teacher Club (P.T.C.)
The P.T.C. is composed of volunteers. They elect officers annually via voting.

Their purpose is to promote the welfare of St. Mary school by bringing into closer contact the parents and the teachers. They also provide funding for educational programs that are not covered in the schools operating budget.

The boosters support the athletic program in the grade school and purchase playground equipment.


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
R.C.I.A. candidates are people who are voluntarily seeking information about and membership in the Catholic Church.

The R.C.I.A. process is geared towards the renewal of the whole church. The process endeavors to prepare candidates, interested in becoming active members of the Catholic Church, for a lifetime of full participation in the church. This process involves supporting candidates as they learn about the church. It provides excellent liturgical rites and retreats. It encourages members to live out their commitment through lives of service.

Christ Renews His Parish
This two day retreat is offered to all parishioners who wish to participate. It is held two times a year for women and once a year for men.

This is a spiritual renewal and community building experience. It is intended to strengthen personal faith commitments to God and the parish.

Adult Education
The parish sponsors many opportunities for adults to learn about tour faith. Through the year we have min-course or lectures on Scripture and various other aspects of our religion.

M.O.M.S. (Ministry of Mothers Sharing) is an eight-week program for mothers of all ages, offered twice a year for a small group of twelve. It is a women's spirituality group, not a group for parenting, bible study, or counseling. The goal of M.O.M.S. is to help each mother find her own inner sacred self, clarify her values, claim her own giftedness, give/receive inspiration, give/receive affirmation, and bring new strengths to family relationships as well as to our community.

Adult Formation Team (AFT)
A list is compiled from the attendees of various functions sponsored by the AFT. From this list persons who have frequently attended functions may be asked to join the AFT by the existing team.

The AFT provides opportunities for growth through learning about our Faith. The AFT is responsible for overseeing the development of programs such as Disciples in Mission and M.O.M.S. This team also assists with other adult education programs in the parish.

Baptism Team
A team of parishioners, who have been asked to serve by the pastor or who may volunteer for service, meet new parents who want to have their children) baptized. They discuss the meaning of Baptism and the implications of having their child(ren) baptized.

Sponsor Couple Marriage Preparation
Married couples, who have been asked to serve by the pastor or who volunteer, and who have attended a training session, meet with engaged couples to discuss issues concerning marriage. This is essential component of marriage preparation in our parish.

Senior Citizens
Volunteers over the age of 55 make up the Senior Citizen group.

The Seniors meet regularly over lunch and plan a variety of social trips throughout the year for fellowship and socialization.


Members are volunteers who assist bereaved families with the planning of funerals liturgies and a post funeral gathering.

St. Vincent De Paul Conference
Saint Vincent De Paul is made up of volunteers.

The Conference participates in works of charity that require the personal service of the membership. They solicit money, food, and clothing to be offered to needy people requesting their assistance. They visit residents of long term care facilities throughout the year. They distribute food, toys and "giving tree" gifts during the Christmas season.

Blood Drive
Volunteer donors participate in the annual blood drive which benefits the Hoxworth Blood Center.

Cavalier Club (Bingo)
This club is comprised of volunteers who enjoy bingo. About 90 volunteers are required on an annual basis to run the bingo program.

To make money for the school and parish and for socialization.

Welcoming Committee
A committee of Parish Council has as its duty to visit new families, take parish literature to them, and welcome them to our community.

Neighborhood Awareness
Our parish is divided into many geographic areas. We try to have a person, called a neighborhood captain, in each area. When someone is in the hospital or when a death occurs, the captain is contacted and asked to arrange for meals to be brought in, to prepare food for a reception, or to do what ever is needed to help the fellow parishioner.

Aware Care
Aware Care is a group of volunteers who visit residents of the Lakeside Nursing Home.

Members visit both Catholic and non Catholic residents on the 2nd Sunday of each month. They bring Holy Communion to the residents who are Catholic.

Cemetery Committee
The cemetery is cared for by an appointed overseer. The overseer is always in need of volunteers to help with the tasks of caring for the cemetery, this group is responsible for having lots surveyed, gravestones straightened and general care of the cemetery.

Faith in Action
Faith in Action is a group of volunteers who reach out to those in need through direct service programs and activities for the poor.

The committee tries to educate the parish about social concerns. They conduct monthly collections to benefit various service organizations including St. Vincent de Paul. They also work on projects such as Habitat for the Humanity and the Henry Hosea House.

Health Ministry
The committee is composed of a number of parish members who are nurses. They organize various health awareness programs in the parish. They also offer blood pressure testing each month and weekly a nurse is in the parish office for consultation, advice, and blood pressure checking.


Sunday Pre-School
Sunday pre-school is run by an appointed director and three assistants who are assisted by a group of volunteer teachers.

It is a religion readiness program for children 3, 4, and 5 years of age. It is designed to help parents introduce God and the faith to their children. Classes are held during the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. Masses, September through April. They are always developing new curricula and activities to enrich the lives of the pre-schoolers of our parish.

Wednesday Evening Religious Education
This program consists of a large number of students, catechists and helpers. It is primarily a religious education program for students in public elementary schools.

To provide religious instruction to parish students enrolled in the public schools and non-Catholic private schools. This is for students grades 1-8. The program supplements the role of the family in faith formation by providing quality Catholic religious education in a formal setting.


Youth Ministry for Junior High and High School students

All 7th and 8th grade students are welcome to join the Jr. High Youth Ministry at its Core meetings and activities. Core meets twice a month, with other activities as scheduled. There is also lots of summer fun including Kings Island and other outings.

High school students in grades 9-12 may join the Sr. High Youth Ministry at its Compass meetings and activities. Compass meetings are weekly, with open gym time each month during the school year. Sr. High youth can also take part in annual events like the March for Life trip in Washington, DC and Diocese of Covington Outbreak of Faith Camp held in Tennessee. There are lots of fun summer activities too, including Kings Island, Sports of All Sorts and other outings.

Service projects are arranged for both Jr. and Sr. High Youth Ministry members. Look for more information on Youth Ministry activities on our calendar link below or in the bulletin. You can also contact Jenn Ledonne, Director of Youth Ministry at .

View our Calendar of Events

Attention Parents of Teens!!

This newsletter is for you!! We've found a resource specifically designed to help you as you minister to your teenager. Click on the link below or request a copy be sent to you via email or mail by contacting Jenn Ledonne, Director of Youth Ministry ( or 635-4188).

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Young Adult Ministry Looking for a way to connect with family, friends, Church community? This ministry is for you! Young adults ages 18-39 can participate in a number of small group activities including Bible studies and social events. Some of the groups of interest could be: post high school young adults; singles; engaged couples; newly married; young parents; single parents; parents with school-age children; divorced. If you're interested in starting a group or joining a group, please email Jennifer Ledonne, Director of Young Adult Ministry, or call the parish office at 635-4188."

Cub Scouts
Any interested boys in the first through fifth grades. All Scout leaders are volunteers.

To promote the development of character in boys in grades 1-5. Scouting also promotes the development of a spiritual life and good citizenship.

Boy Scouts
Any interested boy who has completed the fifth grade or is 11 years old but not yet 18.

To promote the development of good character, good citizenship, healthy spiritual life.

Girl Scouts
Any interested girls in the first through eighth grades.

To promote the development of character in young girls of the parish. To promote good citizenship and encourage Christian values.

4-H Club
Any interested student ages nine through nineteen.

To make the best better. 4-H pledge-Head to clear thinking; Heart to greater loyalty; Hands to larger service and Health to better living for club, community, county, and world.

Catholic Order of Foresters
The Foresters program is open for all ages newborn through twenty-one. The purchase of $1000 Life Insurance policy is required for membership. The Foresters underwrite two youth activities each month for the youth.